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Moyes Mania Over! (To blame or not to blame, that is the question)

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It’s no new news that David Moyes “failed” as a manager at United. I understand that, trust me, I do. But, must he be blamed entirely for the club’s lack of success over this past year?

It’s a fair question to ask… After all, he was the “chosen one” – handpicked by Sir Alex Ferguson himself, the most decorated/celebrated/respected manager to ever grace the premier league with his presence. A gentleman that Man United fans know as a legend among legends with an omniscient understanding of all things footy.

That being said, nobody’s truly omniscient, but last year if you had to pick one person to decide who the next manager of Manchester United should/would be, you’d have to pick Alex Ferguson to make that decision…

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Here’s my point: I understand Moyes didn’t succeed in succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson, but Sir Alex didn’t succeed in picking Moyes as his successor… He failed in that regard, and trust me, it shames me to say that because: one, I appreciate that he’d even go out of his way to handpick a manager in the first place, and two, that with Man U’s best interest in hand, he must have absolutely thought Moyes to be the best man for the job (which now seems utterly absurd and slightly tarnishes my view of him as an omniscient footy deity).

I know it’s easy to say in hindsight, but Moyes didn’t fail, he’s an average manager at best, and we all knew that going in, but we also knew that Sir Alex knows best… Or at least we thought so  😦

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Really quickly: NO I don’t think Sir Alex handpicked Moyes knowing/wanting him to fail so that his legacy as manager looks that much better in comparison, plus… Why would he ever want Jose Mourinho to come back to town and successfully destroy the club that he lived his whole life to serve? I’m sure that any success Jose achieves probably would irk him slightly, no? Let me know if you disagree…

Anyways, I don’t know who will or should succeed Moyes, but I do know that his résumé should have this criteria next to a bullet point: “Previous success managing and winning with a top club”

Cause logically speaking, who in the world would want a manager with little to no experience winning any top competitions?

Let me know what you think of the article. Sorry in advance if you think that defending Moyes and pushing a little bit of the blame to Sir Alex is a bit blasphemous.

Please let me know what you think about all this, I’m more than curious to hear your responses – whether they be mean, nice, or ignorant.

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4 thoughts on “Moyes Mania Over! (To blame or not to blame, that is the question)

  1. paul mugala says:

    To start with mourlinho uses difrent tactics to man united so I can believe u saying that he was so. Jealousy of mourliho and blaming fergason in which way
    Even if ferg left the same team with me
    I could enter the best 4 using same players
    Moyes is not a tactician he fails to lead the game

    • Hey Paul, I agree with you completely that Moyes isn’t a tactician, and the point that my article makes is that it’s disorienting that Fergie couldn’t realize that before electing him to be “the chosen one.” Especially considering how high in regard I hold Fergie as a football deity.

      I think you may have misunderstood my point on Mourinho… I think it’s obvious that Fergie would prefer to see Manchester United successful and not Mourinho. In other words, it’s not totally about jealousy, it’s about his desire to see his former club succeed over Chelsea, a team that he had quite a history with during Mourinho’s first stint there.

      All that being said, I doubt that you could lead United to the top four of the table… For one, it’s quite the challenge, and two, I imagine that you and Moyes have in common that you lack experience managing (and more importantly being successful/winning trophies) while managing a top club 😉

      Cheers mate, and thanks for the comment, I love talking footy!

  2. Alexis says:

    the lack of an identity was a point I thought no one would pick up on. Moyes lacked the personality to manage united, say what you will about mourinho but he has it in spades. moving forward, to make sales depending on performances this season < i think , would be to united's disadvantage. We've not seen the best of anyone bar De Gea this season. The lack of confidence in the players is startling, enough that to judge them on this season would be to do them a disservice. I might be the eternal optimist but I can't give up the Nanis and Kagawas, hell I'm still holding out for Ando to be a presnce off the bench at least.

    • Thanks for the response Alexis! Very true about their confidence, I didn’t think it could sink as low as it has this year. I also share the hope that players like Nani and Kagawa play a larger roles next year… And, if Anderson somehow gets back into the squad, I’d be very happy for him, he’s a solid player off the bench (with more to offer than Fellaini in my opinion). I’m even of the opinion that Rio could offer one more year of loyal service… thoughts?

      It’s going to be a wildly exciting summer, I hope that Van Gaal gives the team some kind of personality and builds from within (with Nani, Kagawa) while also buying players with aggression and grit to add an element of toughness, that, like their confidence, was also sorely missed this year.

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