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Muller would be a nice fit, but…

With all the talk surrounding Louis Van Gaal’s impending appointment as manager at Manchester Louis Van Gaal Blog Photo
United, some have forgotten that his real goal this summer will be to bring world cup glory to the Netherlands.  Now then, if he fails to bring them success this summer, and Van Persie doesn’t score a lot of goals (or any) for his country, would United fans still want him to be their manager? It’s a very relevant question (relevant poll question below) that sometimes makes me believe it’s rather stupid to speculate potential transfer moves that Van Gaal will want to make… however, I can’t resist, so let’s discuss the topic anyway, with a focus on Thomas Müller… 

Thomas MullerLet’s start with the positive: The BEST part about Müller is that he’s perhaps the most dynamic player in the world; he can play middy, striker, winger, and play them all effectively. But, let’s be honest, Man United don’t need a striker or winger (if it’s true that Gaal plans to keep Nani), they need a middy and some new defenders. So, with that said, it makes most sense for Müller to play in some kind of middy role… Please let me know in the comments section if you agree?

Now for the negative: The WORST part about Müller is that he’s too dynamic. I believe this to be the reason that Pep Guardiola has failed to make him a regular starter in his lineup; because he didn’t know how or where to use/play him in his Tika-taka system. Now then, I suppose you can call me Pep, because I have no sense about where he’d figure into Man United’s squad either, especially with their current crop of players. With Van Persie, Rooney, and Welbeck (who I think has a bright future if given the proper chance as a regular starter) there is really no need for Müller, and here’s why… 

Football TacticsThe reason why Sir Alex Ferguson was successful throughout his career was because he didn’t start players just to start them (hence why Rooney wouldn’t start (with Van Persie) regularly during Fergie’s final year), but rather, he started a team that best fit his system. It was perhaps his most beautiful feature; he was never too concerned about how to stubbornly make a star player fit into his system, and he didn’t waste time doing it. If a player didn’t fit into his plans, then he chose someone that was more compatible and willing. Giggs and Scholes had long careers for this very reason, they were always willing to adapt for Ferguson, rather than have Ferguson adapt his team for a single player.

If Müller were to transfer over to Man United, I think that Van Gaal would have quite some trouble fitting him into the current team… But, if Van Gaal truly believes that Müller could fit into the system/formation/tactics that he wants to implement at United, then I approve the transfer, but he shouldn’t sign him (and rumors shouldn’t be flying around about a potential transfer) just because he’s seems to be an accessible option due to his public acknowledgment of discontent at Bayern.

If Manchester United were to make a move for Thomas Müller where do you think he’d fit it? What formation would they play? Do Manchester United fans even want him? Please let me know in the comments section. Plus, if you have a chance, take a sec to answer the poll question! 

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