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No egos on France

This World Cup has proven one thing so far: That every team is a contender; it doesn’t matter if a team has a world renowned super star (or 2, or 3), or if a team has all the momentum in the world, any team is capable of losing at any time in this tournament. And, I must say, this World Cup has been that much more exciting because the “best” teams haven’t just eased their way through the competition.

We’ve already seen teams with huge expectations get knocked out of the group stage (Spain, Italy), and Benzema pic for blogwe’ve also seen teams like Brazil and Holland struggle against opponents like Chile and Mexico – teams that have performed much better than expected. Today, Nigeria continued that trend, giving the French an extremely tough time. I expected France to have their way considering how well they played in the group stage, yet Nigeria was more than up for the challenge – they fought admirably all game, and Vincent Enyeama had played extremely well.

The most interesting aspect of the French football team is watching their group of players come Pogba pic For Blogtogether as a team, especially after their last World Cup when everyone was so divided. The French team is eclectic to say the least, the ages and experience of their players are so different – Varane and Pogba are both aged 21, Benzema is hitting his prime at 26, Matuidi is 27, Giroud is 27, Cabaye is 28, Valbuena is 29, Evra is 33… but what seems to allow all of these players to come together is their lack of egos.

All of the players just named are stars in their own right, but none are insanely over-hyped. Worldwide, Benzema is perhaps the most well known – yet even he seems to have bought into this beautiful no ego/work hard mentality that has been established within the squad. Their team is the perfect mix of young France pic for Blogplayers wanting to learn, old players willing to teach through their experiences, and also players that are trying make more of a name for themselves on the world stage (Cabaye, and Valbuena) in particular. Furthermore, I think Valbuena has been their most important player as he is really stepping up as a captain
on the pitch that all players respect.

Another note: The French have been solid on set pieces, they have been great on the counter, and also
have played offense nicely within their opponent’s half. I’d go as far as to say that they’ve been the best team at the tournament so far, but hey, they were also in an easier group than many other teams with high expectations… but still, as I said in the first paragraph, every team has come to play at this World Cup, so I truly think that the French are a step ahead of the competition. That said, it’s been beautiful watching this French team play for each other, rather than just with each other.



2 thoughts on “No egos on France

  1. Cool article and good observations. I respect Evra, who collided with Domenech and Nasri years ago, and now is a truly professional on the pitch. Dropping Nasri seems to be a good decision as no real stars on the pitch for le France.

    The only question bothering my mind is, who is the real captain on the pitch and who will be their savior in case emergency occur for France?

  2. Hi Andika! Thanks for your comments, they’re really appreciated!

    You bring up a good point, it will be interesting to see who will step up in times of need for France. I think that because they’re playing like a team, and not one of them is being selfish, the whole group will come together as one in times of urgency. But, if I had to guess which player would and could be the difference maker in tough moments, I’d have to go with pogba or matuidi because I just love the heart that those two play with – they truly are divinely motivated players and feed off the leadership and effort that evra provides.

    As far as a captain goes, I think Valbuena is stepping up into that role… Despite his short stature, he plays big and demands respect from all the players around him. I’m hoping that he continues to play well in this World Cup – it’d be nice to see him become more well known on a global level.

    Thanks again for your comment mate!

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