A lad from America that loves nothing more than the sweet smell of Pale Ale and a Football pitch in the morning. I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts on potential transfers, tactical analysis and other moves you’d like clubs to make – because if you’re anything like me, you find some of the decisions that club management makes to be pretty pathetic at times.

That said, I will be sharing opinions on transfers, big matches, tactics, and much much more. The goal of this blog/site is foster a community and discussions that allow for your opinions to be heard, and in doing so, create social media stirs that could potentially impact the decisions of your club.

The Founder/Writer/Editor/Professional Fool below:

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  1. Hey guys,
    Would love your take on what Barcelona is doing in the transfer window. Do you agree with signing Rakitic and letting Xavi and Cesc go? What about trying to sign another striker (Higuain or Aguero) and letting go of Pedro and Alexis?
    Personally I wish we would sign Vidal and 2 center backs. I don’t think we need a striker as I think Pedro and Alexis are great.

    • Hi Matt! Thanks for the comment!

      I’m glad you said that, I couldn’t agree more about Pedro and Alexis… I think Pedro should start on the left, and Alexis on the right, with Neymar leading the attack in a formation with 3 attackers… And this might sound crazy, but I’d push Messi back to Iniesta’s old attacking mid role (he’s best when he has space to dribble) so that he can start attacks from midfield (and finish them) or pass it to the forward three.

      I love the Rakitic signing considering his success this past year winning the UEFA Europa League final with Sevilla, but I agree with the signing more so because he was their Captain, and a Barcelona without Xavi will need new leadership.

      I like that Xavi and Fab are gone, Messi and Neymar will be more effective in a fast paced attack with Rakitic supporting them.

      I think Barca need a defensive mid, or to allow Song a chance at the role, and let go of Busquets (I’ve never liked his style of play)… Or, they could let javier Mascherano play that role as it’s his more natural role.

      Hopefully we sign more of a pure defender to play with Pique as I don’t think they need to buy two new starting center backs, but they could use someone off the bench in case of injury.

      On your point about Higuain and Aguero, I don’t think they’e necessary with Messi Neymar Pedro and Alexis… I rather Barca spend 50 million on a center back like PSG 🙂

      I know I’ve said a lot, but would love your thoughts on my response if you get the chance!

      • I agree with all of that, except I actually do like Busquets. I think he does his job well and has very good touch, skill, and passing.
        I agree with you and really hope they don’t spend money on a striker but use it on a center back. Not sure what is going on with Pique but I would like 2 center backs to give him some competition for the starting spot. There were rumors that one of the issues Guardiola had before he left was that he wanted Pique out because he wasn’t dedicated. At the time I thought that was crazy but it looks like he might have been right. His play has gone way down.

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