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Arsenal should buy Di Maria

Di Maria Sanchez pic for blogCall it a long shot, but I’m going to put it out there anyway, Arsenal should buy Di Maria. I don’t care what you, or anyone else thinks, if Arsenal is going to win this year, or next, then they need to invest in talent more than once in each summer transfer window. Furthermore, his purchase would be a huge blow to every other team out there, and propel them to the next level. 

I’ve never been so excited about discussing something that probably won’t happen, but hey, excitement is best shared, right? Let me explain how much of an effect a purchase like this could have, on both Arsenal, and the entire footballing world.

1: By flexing their financial muscle one more time this summer, Arsenal not only prove to every club that they are not Arsene Wenger pic for blogto be messed with, but they also prove to all the players out there in the world that they’re in it to win it, and in doing so, become an even more desirable destination for both youth players, and world stars alike.

2, Di Maria is world class, put him on the opposite side of Sanchez, and allow Arsenal’s already incredible midfield of player makers to feed him the ball – and he’ll thrive even more than last year. Furthermore, Di Maria was unhappy at being played out of position at Real – at Arsenal, he would not only play on the left wing, but he’d be forced to take on more of a scoring role, similar to the roles Ronaldo and Bale have at his current club. At Arsenal, no longer would he be in a supporting role on the pitch, he would effectively be the main man, and main goal scorer. Plus, off the field, he would be Arsenal’s Batman, rather than Ronaldo’s Robin.

Ozil Arsenal pic for blog3: Di Maria’s talent is off the grid, he deserves more recognition. I wrote a post in the past about how ridiculous I think it is that Real seemed to have overlooked his importance to the team this past year (read that article here). Di Maria, if given more recognition, and a leadership role at Arsenal, would not only improve, but become a legend. 

4: He and Sanchez are engines – they would cause so many issues for opposing team’s defenses as their batteries never run out. And, with Ramsey (another engine) playing behind them, Arsenal would become crazy good and instantly become title contenders. Call me crazy, but Wenger could also experiment with Walcott at Striker if he purchases Di Maria. I’ve always thought Walcott would be better employed their, instead of at the wing. Plus, Ozil is familiar with Di Maria’s style of play, and getting those two back on the same pitch together would be a site for the eyes. 

5: Last but not least… why not? If you have the money, and the talent, and you’re goal is to win trophies, then why not? Furthermore, Di Maria would make the team bucket loads of money.

Anyway, as I’ve said, this transfer probably won’t happen, but, Arsenal have the funds to make it happen, and that’s what is so frustrating about it. Through purchasing Di Maria, Manchester United effectively drop out of contention for the next couple years in my opinion. The majority of Arsenal players are mid twenties, hitting their prime, Manchester United are in a rebuilding phase, and taking players of Di Maria’s calibre off the market, would really affect both rival, and football stars, as they would want to play with high profile guys like Di Maria, Ozil, and Sanchez. Let’s make this happen folks, repost this Facebook and get them to do the same, we gotta create a buzz around the idea that his transfer could actually happen!

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Arsene Wenger’s Woes… And his huge transfer kitty

Arsene Wenger Pic for blogArsenal haven’t won the premiership since 2003… Apparently that hasn’t had to change for Arsene Wenger to continuously receive contract extensions – and while it’s frustrating that North London hasn’t achieved premier league glory over the past decade, I do believe Mr. Wenger is still the best man for the job. That said, Arsenal, with their new found ability to make pricey purchases (e.g. Ozil), must splurge on the right players, at the right positions that need improvement – this past year I would have rather seen Diego Costa, or a striker of his caliber, in an Arsenal shirt (rather than Ozil), as they have way too many attacking mids. Now with that said, depth is never really an issue, unless of course you try to field all that depth (Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Wilshere, Rosicky, and Arteta) all at the same time, and start a lug of a striker (Giroud) in front of these creative and technically skilled masterminds with unique senses of vision and awareness. Arsenal’s technical and Brazilian-esque style of play is something to behold considering it’s played in the aggressive league that is the premiership, but, in order to make the most of such a style, they need to have players that can match that level of aggression. When they lost Ramsey’s workhorse mentality to injury, their season crumbled, even despite the solid partnership Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker have formed over the past couple seasons…

Aaron Ramsey pic for blogBack to Ramsey, his presence allowed players like Wilshere, Ozil (and everyone else) the ability to focus on what they excel at – attacking. Ramsey is the full package, defensively aware/aggressive and he has enough stamina to go box to
box and finish an offensive move.  Interestingly enough, Arsenal seem to always sell these Ramsey-like players that make their team tick – for example, Viera, Gilberto Silva, Flamini, Alex Song… I don’t include Fabregas because his role was not in the same vein as an them. Arsenal’s most successful years occurred when they had arguably the best defensive mid of his time Patrick Viera (well except for maybe Makalele), he was smart, aggressive and disrupted his opponents attacks beautifully while also making the necessary passes to support their offense. Arsene Wenger’s woes are much to do with his lack of appreciation of this role this year –  If Ramsey is to get injured again, he must have a backup in place, and he should have instantly turned to Flamini to put in front of, and tie together with Koscielny and Mertesacker. Arsenal cannot risk being beaten by Chelsea 6-0 again, they simply cannot, and must address this issue, and emphasize a holding midfielder’s importance… as well as make a couple other transfers…

To begin, I think Arsenal’s need for a striker should be addressed after the world cup, and I say this for two reasons: 1, because many players show up on the world stage and make names for themselves, and Arsenal need to take these players into consideration before splurging on anyone. And 2, because their competitors don’t have issues at striker, (Chelsea: Torres, Ba, Costa. Liverpool: Sturridge, Suarez. Man City: Aguero, Dzeko, Negredo, Jovetić. Man Utd: Van Persie, Rooney, Welbeck, Hernandez) so Arsenal can afford to wait and make a nice and thoughtful decision. But, it wouldn’t hurt them to gain some experience, and although you might believe otherwise, I think someone like Samuel Eto’o would make for a great player on Arsenal for multiple reasons…

1, He wants to prove Mourinho wrong, and show him that he’s not completely past his prime and should still be treatedSamual Eto'o Pic for blog with respect. 2, Eto’o has experience, he’s won almost every trophy under the sun through his time with Barcelona and with Inter and can share those unique experiences with Arsenal’s younger crop of players. 3, and most importantly, Eto’o would play well in Arsenal’s system, his best days were at Barca where attacking and quickly passing the ball around (rather than parking the bus) was considered the best form of defense (and also paramount to their success). 4, The young players at Arsenal (Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott) will breathe new  life into him… At Chelsea Eto’o was surrounded by older and highly paid/over-pampered players – the culture didn’t suit him, whereas at Arsenal, Wenger will surely be able to establish belief in him through the the young hardworking culture that’s established there. And last but not least, 5, Arsenal’s players – though young – are getting older and will mature through their mid twenties this year… In other words, they’ll all get better, and when Arsenal address their defensive issues with a new right back, they should only get better still. But anyway…. If you can’t tell by all that I’ve said so far – I still think Eto’o has a lot left in the tank, and Arsenal more than any other club can benefit most from his presence.

A younger player that Arsenal should swoop if Eto’o isn’t available is RomeluMichy Batshuayi pic for blog Lukaku, especially considering that he recently admitted to wanting to leave Chelsea… But, if they can’t workout a way to make a move for him, they should really consider his Belgium compatriot Michy Batshuayi. Michy recently stated that he wants to play for Arsenal, and although I don’t think he’ll be a force this year, with proper training he could become a huge success at Anfield.

Arsenal have a lot of work to do this summer to make sure that they compete for first place in the premiership, but if they’re smart about who they buy, and stop acting as a feeder club to other clubs (like Barcelona (e.g. Fabregas, Song)) then they’re in prime position to be a disruptive force over the next decade… As I said before, many of their players will be hitting mid twenties over the next couple years, and if they stay put at Arsenal, and grow together as a team, then they’ll give Arsene Wenger a lot more smiles than he’s had over the last decade.

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